To all the members of the “helpful holes fore health” team. We would like to extend our appreciation to each and every one of you and to all those who participated in the events that you held in our behalf. Your dedication, love, and commitment to our family has deeply touched us and in many ways lifted much burden from our shoulders in such a time of need. It was such a delight to be able to take part in your event as well. Words can never express how much your organization has truly helped us and how thankful we are for you. At this time haley is still doing great. Her doctors visits are getting fewer in between and we can now spend more time at home and serving god together, giving thanks to him for providing us with people like you and many other blessings in life. We pray all is well with us during your next event that we may be able to participate in the helping of others in need as we have been blessed.

May god bless each and every one of you.

The Bernard Family

Jackson was a happy, healthy, seven year old boy who loved to run, play, and joke around like any other kid. On November 31, 2011, after a call from his school nurse about an “episode,” we rushed to take him to the emergency room. After several tests, appointments with neurologists, and MRI’s we learned that Jackson had a stroke as a result of a rare brain disease called, Moyamoya. The one-in-a-million disease affected both sides of Jackson’s brain, causing the main arteries to completely narrow, thicken, and close. The disease had progressed so much that Jackson had no blood flow to the frontal lobe of his brain and two of the four carotid arteries were completely blocked, giving no blood and oxygen to his brain. Local doctors had no treatment, telling us Jackson would continue to have strokes, which would likely lead to hemorrhage and death. We found Boston Children’s Hospital developed a brain surgery to implant a healthy artery directly onto each side of the brain so that the transplanted artery will begin to grow new, healthy vessels over time. Due to the rapid progression of the disease, Jackson needed surgery immediately and we prepared for surgery in Boston. In that brief four-week period, we watched Jackson to deteriorate as he suffered from terrible headaches, lost function on his right side, and suffered from numerous “mini-strokes”.

With four kids, including a two-month old, we had no idea how we would pay for the expensive surgery and trip to Boston. Knowing it was Jackson’s only hope, we packed our suitcases, got on a plane and went. On January 12, 2012, Jackson had the life-saving brain surgery. We watched him suffer through the pain of recovery and therapy, and additional mini-strokes, but rejoiced that the surgery was a success. We returned home to Basehor, Kansas and helped Jackson with occupational, physical and cognitive therapy over the next year. In the meantime, although we had insurance, we also watched medical bills continue to grow.

Wonderful friends and strangers in the Basehor area came to our rescue and put on a charity golf tournament to raise funds for Jackson’s medical bills, called “Take A Swing for Jackson O.” We were amazed and overwhelmed by the generosity of those who worked so hard to put together the tournament, the many people who tirelessly collected the donations, and the overflowing generosity of local businesses who made the donations. On June 1, 2012 we took part in the tournament and watched how all of the hard work came together. The golf tournament was truly a miracle for our family, and was the answer to many prayers. We are so thankful for Jackson’s continued recovery, and we are humbled and grateful for the blessing we received through this charity and the dedication of our local community.